Monday, 9 September 2013

Tips on finding Miami caterers

miami caterers
You’re not someone who normally helps set up events and because of this, you need tips on finding Miami caterers. Since your sister asked you to help with the party and she is making most of the arrangements while you get the rest of the things ready, you’ll need to make sure the catering service is just perfect. Go with your gut instinct when it comes to finding someone who can prepare the food and deliver it. Even if you have to pay more for gourmet prepared meals, it will be well worth it. You want to know that the business you are dealing with is experienced in preparing dishes. Besides, you are getting ready for a very special day so quality and professionalism is a must when it comes to catering. Today we will be discussing a few things to consider when getting a caterer.

Tips on finding Miami Caterers

  • Look for a home based business instead of a catering company. They won’t charge you ask much and also most of the home businesses cook delicious meals!

  • Inquire about preparation time and if they have delivery available. Some catering companies in Miami will actually prepare the food right on site, depending if this would be better for you.

  • Try some samples of their food. Ask them what their best dish is. Even though you have some meals in mind, you may want to switch.

  • Remember that most catering companies will have you fill out a form to better understand what you need. Make sure you are detailed when you fill this out.

These tips on finding Miami caterers can help you better prepare yourself and you will also know what to expect from them. Be as organized as possible during your search to find a caterer and everything should go smoothly.

Catering for a sweet sixteen party

Miami caterers
You’ve been dreading your daughter’s sweet sixteen party, realizing that she’ll be out of the house very soon if she does decide to move out when she’s 18. Although you hope she’ll stick around a few more years, you know that’s not likely. She’s been doing a wonderful job in school and even has a receptionist job lined up for her working at her cousin’s office. It’s finally time to do the catering for her sweet sixteen party. 

Everything is ready except for the food. However, you are tired and just can’t do everything yourself. You decide you’ll save some time by hiring a caterer. Before you do, there are a couple things you need to think about for the sweet sixteen party.

When you find a company who can cater for your party, discuss every possible detail. You want to go over the flavor of the food and texture you expect. If you have your own home recipe you want them to cook for you, why not invite the head caterer over for dinner? Give them the recipe and let them do the work. Otherwise, you can always look up some delicious recipes online that you don’t know how to cook.

For a sweet sixteen party, there are usually food props involved. Also, always have the catering company make the cake instead of buying it from the store. You could go to Safeway to pick up your personalized
cake but it won’t be as good as how the caterer makes it. They use fresh ingredients and even can add fruits or anything special you want in the cake.

We recommend inviting your daughter to talk with the caterer. Let her decide the meal she wants to eat. If most of the guests are adult and you want to provide healthy food, you can always have the caterer make something special for your daughter. This way everyone gets what they want.

Tips for hiring caterers locally

miami caterers
You’ve started up your own businesses as an event planner and have already acquired a few clients. Business is going well and you are already making a full time income due to your marketing techniques. You have worked hard for this and it is time to get a line of people behind you to make your job easier. Have you ever thought about hiring caterers that you can call at any time? Whenever a new client is having a party, you can give your caterers a call to see if they are available to cook on site for that specific date. We recommend that you have at least two catering companies to work with. This way if one of the catering businesses can’t attend your client’s event, you can always call the other one for backup. This is a great idea if you want to stay on top. Having to look for new caterers takes time. After all, you need to research their company, see if they have insurance, and also check references. By doing things the right way, you are raising the quality of your business. Here are some tips for hiring caterers locally.

Find someone in a catering directory online by doing a zip code or city search. Make sure they are very close to you as you may need to pick up the food from them if they won’t be delivering.

Seeing as you are an event planner, try to find a catering company who can make all types of food like Italian, French, Mexican, or even Chinese food. You’ll be working with a wide range of people who come from different places around the world so always keep culture in mind.

Look for someone who can work with you year round. Let them know what you do for a living and they will be happy to give you discounts on their service, especially if they know you’ll be giving them a lot of work.